Social Value Coaching

I coach organisations and landowners to maximise the contribution they make to society, the environment, and the local economy.
We all have something different to offer. I’ll work with you to find exactly what you’ve got to give, and how you can make that effort sustainable.

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The conversation

This is your chance. You’ve got something. It might be a patch of land, or an innovative idea. It might be a team of hard working, talented staff. Or maybe a group of volunteers who really need something positive to hold on to.

Turn Up The Value will get to the heart of your business. Our coaching-based approach will give you the time, space and guidance to reflect on your vision and mission, and the values that underpin the way you operate.

How we can help...

Based on the Social Audit Network’s Key Principles of Social Accounting and Audit, our coaching based approach gives you the time, space, and guidance to explore how these principles relate to your organisation. This is a journey and we start from where you’re at...

Explore the difference you want to make

What is your organisation’s vision and mission? Have you defined the values that guide you? Does the work of your organisation align to the difference you want to make?

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Plan your steps

When do you want to start? Whose help do you need? How and when will you measure your progress?

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Listen to the people you affect

What’s the best way to involve them? How do you make sure that their voices are heard, and how do you respond to their changing needs?

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Examine the challenges

What are the factors you can change? What’s beyond your control? Are there factors that you can’t measure? How do you quantify these factors and influences?

"We have been working with Karen for over 2 years now through our relationship with the Woodland Trust. Karen has been available for support and advice which has been really helpful. We have had several sessions developing our business and understanding our social impact, particularly through our work with other local businesses. We are really thankful for Karen’s expert advice and ideas enabling our business to develop and grow."

Will, The Cakery

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Let’s work together to find out what success really means for you, for your stakeholders, and for your environment.