Measuring your impact

We’ll work with you to create a measurement framework, implementing robust social accounting systems to gather and analyse data. Together, we’ll produce a comprehensive Social Impact Report, to give you the insights you need to increase your social value.

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The method

So how does it work? We identify your objectives – what your organisation aims to achieve. Then we build our measurement framework so we can accurately record and measure the outputs (the specific consequences of your activities), the outcomes (the difference you make) and your impact (the broader, longer term changes you create for individuals and society). 

How we can help

Whether you’re a nationwide organisation, or a brand-new start-up, the core principles of social impact measurement remain the same. I’ll help you design and implement strategies that will serve your needs, and those of your stakeholders, for many years to come.

Social accounting

You’ll become proficient in social accounting, and we’ll build capacity and skills for the key people within your organisation.

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Data collection

You'll identify indicators, build data sets, and gather information to gain an accurate understanding of your social impact

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Measurement framework

You’ll develop a comprehensive social impact measurement framework which you can use to assess and demonstrate your social value

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You’ll learn how to prepare a set of social accounts, and deliver Social Impact Reports for external verification and publication.

Hayley Hulme

Karen has supported SWY to develop our Social Impact / Accounting framework, so that we are able to both understand and evidence our impact. She took time to get to know and understand our business and to upskill and inform the team along the way, adding value to her work at every stage. As well as a framework for capturing, measuring and reporting our impact she left us with a more engaged team with better understanding of the importance and value of our Social Impact processes. Karen is professional, knowledgeable and patient but above all builds genuine understanding and authentic relationships to inform her work and add value.

Hayley Hulme, Starts With You

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